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Speaking Engagements

Brooklyn White is available to speak through webinars, video and/or live conferences on a variety of topics regarding caregiving and doula services. Bringing appropriate and sometimes much needed humor for such serious subjects, as well as inspiration, Brooklyn can connect deeply with her audiences to encourage and motivate positive approaches to care for better outcomes when navigating these journeys with our loved ones.

Additionally, any of the sessions below can also be adapted to be more faith-based and enriching for Christians and Church Audiences, incorporating God's word to help us discern these areas with more clarity. Brooklyn also offers personal and family care navigation on any of the topics below to offer a more harmonious and unified approach for families navigating care of their loved ones through personal sessions.

Brooklyn's most recent speaking engagement was on Saturday, May 14th at the annual Parkinson's Symposium presented by the Parkinson's Association of Alabama and funded by the Parkinson's Foundation. She spoke about the critical role of caregiving. You can view the 30 minute presentation on YouTube by clicking the button below.

Modern Senior Woman

Cutting through the Noise

Navigating Spam and Scams - How marketing propaganda impacts the challenge of making informed decisions when it comes to senior care.

Brooklyn White spent majority of her career in marketing and communications representing healthcare and finance industries. When navigating care for her parents, she had an epiphany quickly realizing how normal and harmless marketing activities greatly lead to much frustration. How can you get past the fluff to get the information you need? How can you bypass the sales pitch to get to the heart of the matter? How can you not be swayed by everything pretty and noisy? Brooklyn is in a unique position to help you figure out how to hop past the rabbit holes and focus on the content and resources that truly matter. From navigating spam on our social media feeds to learning how to choose community care, expect to be informed with useful tips to help you avoid the spam from predators preying on your current situations.

Making the Ask

Learn how to accept that you are NOT a burden to anyone and how asking for simple requests can make your journey better!

Using clips from some of our favorite shows, Brooklyn demonstrates with humor how we as a society have been conditioned on parenting success and achievements. She also demonstrates how society has conditioned adult children to respond to their parent's needs. It's time to flip the script!  Brooklyn demonstrates how when we are truly honest with ourselves and others - we can create better family harmony and unity. It's time to break these societal norms and get realistic with ourselves and our loved ones to make the journey easier for us all.

Three Generations

Sandwiched In

People are living longer. Families are growing smaller. Adults are waiting to have children later in life. All of these scenarios contribute to the sandwich generation.

When it comes to being caught between raising our children, working a demanding career, and caring for our parents - how do we balance it all?  We can't be cloned and be in two places at once. We find ourselves making difficult choices - attending junior's softball game or recital --or--visiting our parents. How do we prioritize, establish boundaries, and accept that we are only one person? Brooklyn takes us on her journey of balancing it all - the absolute most difficult season of her life. Learn tips on how to seek balance when the world is off kilter.

Coping with Caregiver Emotions

There is a huge spectrum of emotions that come with caregiving. They are valid and they are human.

In this session, Brooklyn explores some of the most popular emotions that come along with caregiving: Guilt, Sadness, Depression, Loneliness, Anger, Worry, Resentment, Defensiveness, Bitterness...

Brooklyn experienced them all while caring for her dad with Parkinson's. She will explain what each of these emotions are and how we can accept that it is perfectly normal to feel any of these emotions - especially when we are exhausted. By accepting and validating that we are experiencing these emotions - we can learn positive techniques and solutions to turn our mindfulness into actions that will help to alleviate the emotions.

Old Lady

When the Caregiving Ends

For most, our caregiving journey was the most exhausting but purposeful experience in our life. What happens when the caregiving journey ends?

Brooklyn takes us on the journey with how her mother and she coped with losing her father. After many years of hands-on care, they both felt caught off guard by their new found freedom. In some cases, they didn't even know what to do with themselves. For years, they had been on a tight schedule with medications and helping their husband and dad with his essential needs. They thought they should feel relief, but what they found is a new dawn of seeking a lost purpose. Learn how to soldier on for the cause - take back your life - feel the grief - and create a new purpose after losing your loved ones.

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