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Choose only one or a blend of Engage Care Partners Services. While we prefer to be partners on everything together, acting as surrogate family members, we can tailor a program that best fits your needs. Need help with something other than the services listed below? Connect with us and we will see how we can best serve you.


Father and Son

Advanced Planning

No matter what age, everyone needs to have their affairs in order. Engage Care Partners can help you discern your best options to live independently and gain dignified care when needed. The goal is to create family unity and harmony to focus on living your best life with the assurance that all matters are handled, well documented, and will offer a smooth transition when needed.

Visiting to Sick Person

Care Coordination

Understanding what quality care to choose and where we age in place can be cumbersome - we break down those barriers to make care transitions easier - navigating care options and supporting those giving care to avoid burnout.

Visiting to Sick Person
Senior Woman

Doula Services

It is important to give ourselves permission to own our wishes and the values we hold dear to carry us through the end of life. We fill the gaps between medical and non-medical services provided by hospice to ensure a gentle and more peaceful path.

Reviewing Paperworks

Virtual Care Navigation

We also offer Virtual Care Navigation Sessions. Speak with someone who has walked in your shoes and can connect you with resources to make the journey easier - from advanced planning to care navigation. We can help tailor a plan that will best fit your unique needs.

Reviewing Paperworks

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