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Care Coordination

Understanding what quality care to choose where we age in place can be cumbersome - we break down those barriers to make care transitions easier - navigating care options and supporting those giving care to avoid burnout.

Engage Care Partners works with anyone aging or facing a chronic or terminal condition to put together a proper care plan. Together, we work with you to ensure you are receiving the most dignified and respected care. We provide awareness to wellness and other social opportunities to help you live your best life now, even when you may need a little more assistance.

As your needs advance, we work with you and your caregiver to provide education, support and encouragement to ensure your safety and comfort. We also support the caregiver to avoid burnout by offering opportunities for respite and assistance by coordinating services with you or on your behalf.

We do this by first meeting with you where you are and establishing a plan that will:

  • Help you define, educate and coordinate your Circle of Care -- tapping into all free resources and supplementing with additional paid services where needed

  • Provide resources and tips to ensure safety in your home for aging well in place and emergency preparedness

  • Bring awareness to social programs and incentives to help offset costs for care

  • Plug you into wellness programs and activities for nutrition and proper engagement physically, mentally and socially

  • Educate and support caregivers with new techniques, solutions, products and tips to make the caregiving journey easier

  • Provide Wellness visits to ensure support and safety for ongoing care needs and to modify or enhance the plan as needed

While we have a typical process we follow, all care plans are distinctly tailored to the needs of the person and their care partners. We do this by:

  • Establishing a Circle of Care: Helping you define and build your circle of care - understanding who in your life is interested and capable of supporting areas where you might need a little more assistance on the caregiving journey. This may include Family, Friends, Neighbors, Church Members, Clergy, etc. This allows us to assess the strengths of those who want to help and offer a plan for supplementing those services where needed through additional paid services. Once developed, we can coordinate any needs you have on your behalf.

  • Promoting Home Safety: Providing the information and resources needed to help you set your home up safely with minor modifications and recommendations for a safer environment while safeguarding for potential emergencies. As care needs advance, we offer consulting services to help you understand what modifications or products can be utilized.

  • Programs and Activities: We provide resources you are qualified for to assist with keeping active and engaged, presenting various wellness programs and activities. We can also provide information on government programs that can assist with grants or discounts to help with cost mitigation toward your care.

  • Caregiver Support: As care advances, we ensure caregivers have the resources, education, and tips needed through the introduction of products and techniques to aide in providing the best care for your loved ones at home.

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