Care Navigators? Who are They?

Updated: May 4

What is a Care Navigator and why would I consider hiring one? We hire financial advisors, lawyers, accountants - in essence we hire our Medical Team even though our insurance covers the cost. Why in the world would you want to hire a Care Navigator as well? Why would you want to add one more person that you need to manage?

When it comes to planning for our future while we are aging, there are so many boxes to check. It's hard to know who to trust to manage our affairs on our behalf. Everybody needs a plan, and some need a little guidance and coaching.

Knowing what boxes need to be checked for proper future planning - legally, financially and medically - can be overwhelming. Add the need for navigating care, housing, and end-of-life planning -- and it can be downright frustrating.

A Care Navigator can work to make sure you have all of the boxes checked, streamline the process of planning, help you connect to trusted providers, and ensure a long term plan is put together for a seamless handoff to those you trust in your circle of care. But at Engage Care Partners, we take it a step further. We also plug you into the resources you need about your health condition, help you connect with local resources and support groups, and provide the caregiver with necessary support and planning.

By planning ahead and getting that plan in place - you remove the anxiety for you and your family and can focus on living life now.

We help you discern the right content to make the best choices for your future. Most importantly, we ensure your wishes are honored throughout your season of needed care. The result is a partnership that helps you put the items in place to protect you, and a resource for your loved ones to navigate your affairs with ease.

Having everything you need in one place and shared with those that will help you navigate care is a gift that helps reduce anxiety during emotional and exhausting scenarios that may arise. Knowing that you have a trusted partner in planning each of the phases that are experts in their fields and more importantly care about their clients is critical.

We will work with any existing partners you have already established, or we can connect you to someone in our trusted network to help fulfill gaps.

We help with the following:

Legal: We help you discern who in your circle will be the best fit to help manage your affairs - both financially and medically. We can help you establish some materials on your own to help save attorney fees, guide you in preparing the materials, and can then plug you into a trusted estate planning attorney to finish the rest.

  • Establish Power of Attorney

  • Wills and Estate Planning

  • Asset Planning and Distribution

Financial: Whether or not you have a financial advisor, we can help you make sure that your accounts are setup appropriately, discern insurance options and connect you with the best financial or insurance advisors to ensure you have what you need at the best cost.

  • Establish Benefactors for Investments and Retirement Disbursements and Pensions

  • Insurance: Life, Auto, Annuities and Long Term Care

  • Appropriate Bank Account Setup

  • Monthly Budgeting - Income In/Out

  • Tax Filing Guidance

  • Social Security Establishment

Medical: You probably already have your medical team established, but there are ways to help streamline the information and prepare for any unexpected hospital visits. We can connect you to a trusted advisor for navigating Medicare and help you put together the necessary materials to grab-and-go to ensure transparent communication for any unexpected hospitalizations or ER visits.

  • Navigating and Establishing Medicare

  • Medical Providers and Contact Information

  • Prescription Listings

  • Emergency Contacts and Kits

  • Advanced Directives for Hospitals

  • Needed Resources for Specific Diagnosis

  • Help Plugging into Wellness Programs and Support Groups

Aging in Place: When it comes to aging in place it is difficult to discern what might be best - moving to a retirement community or staying at home. Understanding if you can stay home until end of life or whether you need to consider memory care or a nursing home can also be a daunting decision. Either way, there are actions that need to be put into place to ensure you make the best choice for you and have your wishes honored while protecting your wealth.

  • Budget Planning

  • Discerning Home vs. Community Living

  • Setting Up Successful Home Care Plans

  • Home Safety Assessments

  • Discerning Other Living Assistance

  • Planning for the "What-if?" Scenarios

We help families better understand their conditions and diagnosis and get a glimpse into what the future may look like to make informed decisions.

We can help you understand your circle of care to put a long term care plan in place that achieves balance and helps family members avoid caregiver burnout. Meanwhile, we can also help you with how to leave your own lasting legacy and can even help you plan for end-of-life plans as well.

Whether you need assistance with some or all of the items listed above, we help you bring all resources together for an easy and seamless transition so that those you trust follow and implement your directives - eliminating a great burden and reducing overall anxiety for you and those caring for you.

Our services begin at $40 per hour and the maximum fee is $1,200 for a completed Long Term Care Plan. Most people will find that they get paid back that and more by being able to plan appropriately and find it is an investment well worth making.

Engage Care Partners will offer a virtual or in-home assessment to get started where we will discuss what you already have in place versus what needs to be put into place. From there, we will navigate each process step by step to get everything set up to your discretion. Our work is 100% confidential and we encrypt all information appropriately to safeguard your assets. The result will be a central place that contains all resources you and your family need to work through affairs in one location.


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