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Whispering to Granddad

Doula Services

It is important to give ourselves permission to own our wishes and the values we hold dear to us through end-of-life. We fill the gaps between medical and non-medical services provided by hospice to ensure a gentle and more peaceful path.

To love one another as Christ has loved us requires that we view one another as God sees us:

cherished, forgiven, wonderfully made, and unique with no precise equal on earth.

(Psalms 139: 13-14, John 2:16, Romans 8:35, Ephesians 1:7)

The Doula approach brings deeper meaning and greater comfort to the dying, their families and caregivers. It transforms the experience from one that is fraught with anxiety, fear, and suffering into one that is filled with confidence, a sense of the sacred space, and opens opportunity for tender moments of life.

The Engage Care Partners End-of-Life Doula program and services embrace and launch all advanced planning initiatives that are generally driven by the families based on their emotional needs and support. This plan may have been crafted during the Advanced Planning stages, or throughout the caregiving states in parts or pieces. If it hasn't yet been developed, we can still work to put the right documents and materials together.

Partnering with hospice to offer non-medical services, Doulas:

  • Accept that birth, death and grief are normal, expected parts of life

  • Provide non-medical, nonjudgmental, emotional/spiritual support and soothing comfort measures

  • Cultivate inner calm and peacefulness

  • Promote informed consent for each client

  • Gather relevant information and connect clients to beneficial resources

  • Assist each client with having personally meaningful experiences - together developing wishes for care and encouraging the preservation of energy for what's most important

  • Trust the inherent wisdom of each client to discover their own best path

  • Companion rather than retreat - Serve rather than fix

  • Empower and encourage a client's loved ones to operate within their comfort zones, and fill in support gaps as they arise

  • Promote self-care as vital to preserving and sustaining energy levels and enhancing holistic health

By supporting those that are dying, we indirectly show how dying can be lived more fully.  We work to help you weave together the traditional medical support you are receiving with alternative therapies that bring additional comfort. Every person deserves to die in line with their values, supported by the people who uphold their wishes. We do this by:

  • Hosting a time for reflection and conversation: During the in-home assessment we will host genuine and heartfelt conversations to prepare us in our planning, working to alleviate fears, reassure you about comfort and treatment options, and prepare hearts and families for life without us. You set the pace - we conform to your requests.

  • Life Review: Driven by what you want to discuss or review, we can host life reviews to uncover meaning and legacy, as well as areas of great or needed reconciliation - working to mend any hurts and helping you to prepare goodbyes with loved ones including supporting children through the process for an overall happy and less traumatic experience.

  • Legacy Building: Legacy is the impact you have had on the people and world around you. Simply by living, you have an impact. Legacy projects regain a sense of purpose, provide something productive to do, and brings families together. Examples of some of the life books we have created can be found below.

  • Establishing Sacred Places of Comfort: We will discuss what will bring you the most comfort in your final days and how we can build your sacred place during this time to be pleasant and happy, incorporating some of your favorite things to bring peace during transitioning moments. We will work to capture your favorite music, scripture, prayers, etc.

  • Honoring Wishes: We will work to the best of our ability to ensure and advocate for your wishes for your remains to be honored and handled with complete respect and dignity upon your specific requests. We will help you  incorporate and establish your plans and put them into timely action for rituals, vigils, or any events you determine should take place pre or post death.

  • Comfort Measures: We provide non-medical but proven comfort measure beyond what hospice provides, such as teas, aromatherapy, guided imagery, prayer, meditations and breathwork all to help with the reduction of pain and anxiety to supplement medical care.

  • Post Death: We will help to coordinate and launch any pre-planned arrangements with funeral directors to ensure services or activities are seamless so that your family can spend more time focused on being together, rather than preparing for the event.

  • Family Grief Support: We will support families throughout the process, and even help you determine if additional professional services may be needed.

We would be happy to talk about any of the above items in more detail if you have any questions.

donna front cover.JPG
"I didn't think I had much of a life story until I worked with Brooklyn. But together, we were able to document and build a book that brings me such joy focusing on the key milestones and loves of my life. I'm so grateful that I have this and I can leave it for my family to know more about me."

Donna White
Steve's front cover.JPG

"When I retired, I sent Brooklyn a ton of information to include in a video, but she surprised me by taking the information I provided and compiling a magnificent legacy in a book that I can pass down to many generations about my life and career. I was deeply humbled and grateful for the gift."

Steve Sain

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