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Brooklyn White

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Meet the Founder

Certified Caregiver for State of Alabama - License Number 1134900, Caregiver University

Certified Death Doula - IAP Career College

esseniALZ - Alzheimer's Association Training and Certification
Certified in CPR/AED and First Aide Certification, National Health and Safety Association

Parkinson's Foundation Caregiver Certification, National Parkinson's Foundation

Alabama State Notary

Parkinson's Foundation: Professional Talk Series, Interprofessional Care Team Approach to Cognitive Changes in Parkinson's

Parkinson's Foundation, Care Partner Program Certification - Building a Care Partnership

Lewy Buddy - Lewy Body Dementia Association

Bachelor of Arts, Writing and Communications - Maryville College

Author - Speaker - Care Navigator

Brooklyn White, owner of Engage Care Partners, LLC, is a Certified Caregiver and End-of-Life Doula who provides a guided approach that helps reduce heavy burdens that come with advanced planning, decreases anxiety and burnout that can come from caregiving, and reduces fear by promoting spiritual healing for those impacted by chronic illness. Her passion is to be the advocate and voice for her clients, and will do anything to help offset the burdens that come with administration and care coordination while aging in place or facing chronic conditions. 

Her goal is to be the constant guide and surrogate daughter to an individual or family to offer a more peaceful journey from diagnosis through end-of-life by being a responsive resource, advocate, and friend. She accomplishes this by:

  • Helping individuals and families discover and document their wishes financially, legally, and medically to reduce the burden and anxiety that can come from building the proper paperwork and forms - but most importantly - hosting a chance for communication, education, and awareness so that the individual's wishes can be implemented as desired.

  • Supporting individuals and families with coordination of care for aging in place - whether in home or through community living - to ensure a safe and supportive environment. She helps you build your Circle of Care and supplement those resources with trusted providers that give dignified and quality care -- all while supporting primary caregivers to avoid burnout by providing practical tips and support as well as emotional encouragement to make the job of caregiver easier.

  • Giving ownership and individuality to those in care for how they wish to be treated throughout end-of-life with Doula services that create sacred spaces, gently offer life reviews and opportunities to build legacies, providing additional comfort measures not always offered by hospice, and family grief support so that mortality can be embraced as a sacred, holy, and significant time.

As a Christian, Brooklyn believes:

  • Mortal life is sacred: Our lives are a gift from God. We are made in the image of God, and each one of us has inherent dignity and value. We are to cherish and protect the life God gives us.

  • God has authority over life and death:  Death escapes no one, it claims us all. To deny our mortality is to ignore the saving grace of the gospel.

  • We are called to love one another: God desires for us to be merciful and compassionate. He calls us to care for the ill and to alleviate suffering.

  • As followers of Christ, we need not fear death: Even as our lives end, we cherish the promise of new life. We rest assured in Christ's sacrifice for us in the aw-inspiring depth of God's love.

While Brooklyn is a Christian, she will support those on this journey from all walks of faith, respecting cultures and rituals without judgement, and fully respecting your right to act upon your own belief. Brooklyn believes that God has directed her path to help others on journeys like the one she experienced with her father who was diagnosed with Parkinson's and Dementia. As a Certified Death Doula, Brooklyn strives to:

  • Provide non-medical, nonjudgmental emotional/spiritual support and soothing comfort measures to cultivate inner calm and peacefulness for all in this season of life

  • Promote informed consent for each client by gathering relevant information and connecting them to beneficial resources

  • Assist individuals and their families through personally meaningful experiences - together developing wishes for care and encouraging the preservation of energy for what's important

  • Trust the inherent wisdom of everyone to discover their own best path - offering companionship rather than treatment, serving rather than fixing

  • Empower and encourage an individual's loved ones to operate within their comfort zones and fill in support gaps as they arise

  • Promote self-care for preserving and sustaining energy levels and enhancing holistic health

  • Support those that are dying, by indirectly showing how dying can be lived more fully

Brooklyn will meet you and your family where you are in your needs. Through a gentle and compassionate approach, she can help you make sure that your wishes are understood, clearly and legally documented, and that everyone in your Circle of Care understands how to support and implement those wishes. She stays with you on the care journey - providing resources and access to a trusted network of providers to ensure your needs are met with the appropriate safety and support. She will also support your family throughout the journey to bring greater acceptance, offer comfort, and all with a sense of peace, grace, and discerned wisdom.


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