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Advanced Planning

When approached with care, advance care planning can offer solace to our loved ones as they tackle difficult decisions on our behalf.

Engage Care Partners provides advanced planning assessments to families who are wishing to put together a long-term plan to prepare for potential scenarios while aging. Advanced Planning helps individuals build and document their wishes financially, legally, and medically to ensure family members can advocate their desires through the aging process while ensuring everyone is on the same page. With our help, you can capture all the information needed so that when implemented, your loved ones can honor your wishes and follow your documented desires in an easy-to-understand format -- all in one place.

We work with you to provide the education and resources you need to make informed decisions, connect you to a trusted network of affordable advisors and attorneys if needed, and build the plan with easy-to-follow documentation for a seamless transfer. We do this by helping you plan financially, legally, and medically for any services you need. The result is an advanced plan that can then be shared with your loved ones to manage your affairs on your behalf. The summary of services and what the plan will include is below:

Financial Planning

  • We help you name and establish your Power of Attorney. An attorney is typically not needed for these services and a Power of Attorney can be established very affordably that is legally binding within the State of Alabama.

  • We help you document all information your Power of Attorney needs to seamlessly administer your accounts on your behalf if you have been declared incompetent by a physician to do so on your behalf.

  • We can work with your existing financial advisor, help you connect with a financial advisor if needed, or help you self-administer your accounts so that your Power of Attorney is established with access to all accounts and understands your wishes for how to administer your accounts on your behalf should the need arise.

  • We help you setup monthly budgets - recording all incoming payments and outgoing disbursements so you have a good understanding of what services you can afford and what your Power of Attorney may be responsible for administering.

Legal Planning

  • We can work with your estate planning attorney or connect you to a trusted estate attorney if needed to help establish estate plans, wills and trusts.

  • We can also assist with any ethical wills you wish to provide.

  • Attorney fees can be greatly diminished when the proper preparations are made in advance of meeting with attorneys - we can help you get prepared to reduce overall fees for a more streamlined approach to implementing legal documents.

  • We will work to help you document your assets and items of inheritance, name beneficiaries or charities, and prepare the paperwork for legal review and endorsement.

  • We do not offer legal advice; we leave that up to the attorneys. We simply help you gather your materials to help offset the cost of attorney fees so that anything you pull together is legally binding and can reduce time in probate.

Medical Planning

  • We can provide the education and resources needed to make informed decisions for establishing Advanced Directives and naming a Health Care Proxy.

  • We can help you navigate Medicare options by plugging you into a trusted and free provider service to ensure your medical costs are best covered according to your needs and/or condition(s).

  • We work to plug you into government programs and nonprofit associations to help offset costs, gain discounts, and get the information and resources you need to leverage.

  • We help you prepare for unexpected emergencies and hospitalizations to make onboarding and admittance better for when unexpected accidents happen - from preparing hospital kits and fact sheets about your medical needs - to putting together a Hospital and Emergency Action Plan.

Final Planning

  • As an officially certified Death Doula, we assist you with planning what you believe to be a "good death."

  • If your goal is to die at home, we put the proper paperwork together to help ensure that it can happen.

  • We assist you in documenting your wishes for Vigils and End-of-Life comfort requests and requirements.

  • We can assist you with how you wish for your body to be treated with dignity and respect at end-of-life and pre-plan preparations for final placement.

  • We can help you document your wishes and information needed for a seamless process with funeral, celebratory events and burials and work with you on pre-purchasing/selecting any needed items - connecting you with the proper funeral directors.

Through Advanced Planning we are able to put together and document our wishes for our loved ones to manage on our behalf seamlessly. But it doesn't stop with paperwork. Clear communication along with providing the appropriate documents is important to ensure everyone is on the same page for a harmonious journey.

We can work on all or just a few pieces of the items above. You set the pace and you determine what to include.

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