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Resource Library

At Engage Care Partners, we believe education and getting connected to local resources is half of the battle. Below, please find free resources for downloading. We also encourage you to follow our blog as we will be posting weekly articles that offer caregiving tips and solutions. We look forward to working to expand our library every week with informative resources that bring value to your journey.

Below, you will find local directories of providers in our service area, as well as educational materials for Advanced Planning, Care Coordination and Navigation, and Doula Services. We also provide links to organizations and association with additional educational information and resources.

Local Directories

Home Care Agencies: Provides non-medical and companion care - assistance with activities of daily living

Home Health Care Service: MD Prescribed at home nurse and therapies covered by Medicare

Palliative Care: MD Prescribed in conjunction with Home Health/Home Care - Nurse as needed

Hospice: MD Prescribed: Includes Nurse, Aide, Chaplain, Social Worker and Bereavement

Day Programs: Respite and Community Programs

Elder Law Attorneys: Attorney listings for estate planning in Shelby/Jefferson Counties.

Financial Advisors: Financial advisors throughout Jefferson and Shelby Counties.

Advanced Planning Education

Power of Attorney: What is a POA, Types of POAs, Choosing a POA, and How to Set One Up

Social Security: How to Sign-Up and Reporting Deaths to Social Security

Disability Benefits: How to Sign-Up for Disability Benefits, Verify Eligibility and What to Do If You Get Denied

Veteran Benefits: What Are They and How Do You Get Them Started?

Estate Planning: Understanding the Basics of Estate Planning, Planning for Estate Taxes, Preparing to Meet with an Estate Planning Attorney 

Advanced Directives: What is a Health Care Proxy and How to Select One

Understanding Medicare: Medicare Basics, Costs and How it Works, Comparing Plans

Beyond Living: Options and Going Green, Tips for Celebrating Life and Building Your Legacy

Caregiving and Care Coordination

Geriatric Care Managers: Who are they and how can they help me?

Care Navigators: What is the difference between a Care Navigator and a Geriatric Care Manager?

Aging in Place:  Can you age in place at Home? When Aging in Place Is a Good Solution. When Aging in Place May Not Be the Best Choice. 12 Warning Signs Those Living Alone May Need Companions or Alternative Living Options 

Alternative Options to Living at Home: Understanding the Difference Between Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Continuing Care Retirement Communities or Life Plan Communities and Skilled Nursing. Senior Placement Services, 5 Reasons You May Need to Consider a Nursing Home, and Paying for Care Facilities. 

Building a Circle of Care: Understanding who from family, friends, neighbors and our church community can assist us.

Navigating Care at Home: Understanding the various care options: Care Companions, In-Home Care and Home Health Care; Finding Care Companions and Caregivers; Payment Assistance; Respite Services; Understanding the difference between Home Care, Home Health Care, Palliative Care and Hospice; When Hospice Isn't Enough - What it means to add doula services.

Nutrition and Food: Food and Meal Preparation Services, What is the MIND Diet?, Food Delivery Services, Meal Delivery Kits, Meal Trains, Community Food Programs

Wellness and Exercise: Tapping into therapies at home or outpatient, Fitness Program Directors, Silver Sneakers, Online Exercise Classes

Social Engagement: The importance of staying socially connected, Tips for staying socially connected and Local Senior Centers

Additional Services: Transportation, When It's Time to Give Up the Keys, House Cleaning, Maintenance and Lawn Care

Home Modifications: Safe Home Modifications for Aging in Place, 10 Tips for Preventing Falls, Simple Home Modifications - By Room (Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, Hallways/Stairs), Emergency Preparedness, Planning Ahead, Home Safety Assessments, Aging in Place Specialists; How Technology Can Help a Loved One Age in Place (Smart Homes, Emergency Response Systems); Additional Local Programs (AIM and Hearts in Hands)

Caregiving Support: Staying Organized, Caregiver Burnout: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Solutions. Coping with Caregiver Emotions and Local Support Groups.

Practical Caregiving Tips

Eye Care

Hearing Assistance


Medication Assistance

Mobility and Transfer Products

Meal Safety

Monitoring - Alarms and Wearables

Doula Programs and Services

Doula Evolution: What is a death doula and how could one possibly help me? Getting back to the human touch.  Embracing our Mortality and Planning End-of-Life Celebrations.

Reflection and Planning: What does it mean to hold space and why is it important to support internal reflection at end-of-life? Tips for Life Review: Tapping into meaningfulness and mindfulness to achieve greater peace and comfort and Legacy Building Projects - Uncovering the Mark We Will Leave On The World and How to Share it With Our Families

Honoring Wishes and Creating a Sacred Space: Understanding how to prepare the home for end-of-life; Working to launch the plan of those wishes desired from our loved ones

Comfort Measures: Knowing comfort measures before you even need them - beyond what hospice provides medically. From teas and aromatherapy to breathwork and massage - our holistic practices supplement hospice medical care for added comfort.

Supporting Families through Grief: Knowing what is normal and what might require additional professional help - supporting beyond death.

Associations and Organizations

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