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Let Us Lean into Our Faith.  Let Us Embrace One Another.
Let Us Care for One Another in Truth and Love.

Why Engage?

Engage Care Partners offers consulting and programming services that help with:

  • Advanced Planning: We provide the resources needed to help you understand, self-reflect, and discern how you wish to document and prepare for your long-term care with varying scenarios while aging. We streamline the approach and reduce the burden of working with so many parts and pieces financially, legally, and medically. With our help, you can capture all of the information needed so that when implemented, your loved ones can follow your wishes in an easy-to-understand and seamless format.

  • Care Coordination: Whether you decide to age in place at home or within a community, we help you understand your options, build your circle of care, and determine what supplemental resources may be needed. We have a heart for the caregiver - providing a roadmap with best practices, tips, education, and solutions to make caregiving easier and more affordable. For some, we choose caregiving. For others, caregiving chooses us. We provide the education and encouragement needed to provide quality care to family members.

  • Doula Services: The doula approach brings deeper meaning and greater comfort to the dying, their families, and caregivers. It transforms the experience from one that is fraught with anxiety, fear, and suffering into one that is filled with confidence, a sense of sacred space, and opens a potential opportunity to tender moments of life. When partnered with existing hospice services, end-of-life plans can be honored as planned for a gentle and more peaceful journey.

Seniors are Opting to Stay Home

More and more people are opting for in-home service care for their loved ones.  With Engage Care Partners, we make that possible. Statistics indicate that most of the aging population in the U.S. plan to stay at home for as long as possible, despite changes in health, mobility, or cognition. This trend was growing even before COVID - but the virus has catapulted the desire for more families to keep their loved ones at home over choosing facility care.

Home is possible when you are in a safe and supported environment. We are your partners, from making sure the proper paperwork is in place to honor your wishes and educate those who will manage your affairs on your behalf, to navigating care within your home and making sure it is safely setup with the appropriate measures to make aging in place easier despite mobility or cognitive decline issues. We also make it possible for home to be where you take your last breath - partnering with hospice to offer additional non-medical resources needed to make the transition easier by implementing comfort measures and emotionally equipping and supporting those in care and providing care.

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